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Help Feed the Sadhus on the Ghats of Varanasi

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Varanasi - one of the holiest, oldest and it is by far one of the most fascinating pilgrim destination in the world. Varanasi was built near the holy Ganges river. Every time you take a glance at everything below, you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of awe.

From the dark river to those bathing in its water or praying along its banks, to the holy sadhus meditating on the steps and to the simple wooden rowboats passing by - it seems as though life in this 3000-year-old city has stood still for a long, long time.

Varanasi is more than just a pilgrimage destination, it’s a 3000-year-old city where a twenty-minute walk can fill you with the travel experiences worth of a lifetime. The diverse range of sights and encounters on every corner fill your heart as you walk through narrow lanes and alleys that are more than a hundred years old. For people like you and I, Varanasi is just another place to visit.

However, for these Sadhus, it’s their home. These ghats are filled with Sadhus who’ve made renounced the pleasures of life and have dedicated themselves to service. After the corona-induced lockdown struck the nation, these Sadhus had no proper means of survival. At an earlier time, tourists and believers would donate food, money and help these Sadhus.

“Before we used to get food from the devotees who used to come here. Now, we hardly get one plate of food because of Corona,” said a Sadhu on the Ghat.

Amid the lockdown, these sadhus have been suffering without any food or means to survive. The Sadhus that are living on the ghats have no choice but to walk for at least an hour or an hour and a half on foot to be able to find a plate of food. And even when they do, it’s a small meal that doesn’t fill their stomach.

“We have to walk a distance of 1 hour to get one plate of food. Wherever we see or hear, all we hear is Corona, corona, and Corona.,” lamented a Sadhu.

Even though the lockdown has ended, there has been a huge spike in the number of cases across the country. With the limitation on travel and tourism, it could be a few more months before Varanasi sees a large number of tourists again. These Sadhus have no source of food. Only you can help them.

Your donation can help these Sadhus survive these tough times.

Donate now to those who are preserving the beauty and the cultural heritage of Varanasi.

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