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Donate menstrual hygiene kits to help underprivileged women bleed with comfort

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The Coronavirus pandemic has hurt people from the marginalized and underprivileged communities in several ways, from losing their jobs totally to getting pay cuts for a reduced number of working days in factories/shops or the informal sector in general. One of the most grueling and unnoticed effects of the pandemic has been on the menstrual hygiene priorities taken up by women since the money inflow in the households has decreased because of the above-mentioned reasons, most of the women I have come across have switched to using unclean clothes during their menstrual days, since affording a pack of sanitary pads is a luxury now.

Starting a campaign for crowdfunding menstrual hygiene kits which will include products like 3 months of supply of sanitary napkins, a small bottle of shampoo, a soap, hair oil, and an N-95 face mask will keep them sustained for their menstrual needs and also help them prioritize their health even when the income flow in the family is less.

When was the last time you thought twice to buy a packet of sanitary pads which cost you around 100-120 rupees for a month? These are difficult times for a lot of women and adolescent girls and you can help them procure a kit with before mentioned items and make themselves a priority in these times of covid-19.

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