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About our Campaign :

“All our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people and harder — and ultimately impossible — to solve with ever more people.” "I support Population Matters because I think if we keep on growing, we’re not only going to damage nature, but we’re likely to see more and more inequality and human suffering."

Almost half of the population of the world lives in rural regions and mostly in a state of poverty. Such inequalities in human development have been one of the primary reasons for unrest and, in some parts of the world, even violence.As things stand in 2020, many of the targets are likely to be missed. Global population growth means over exploitation of natural resources, environmental destruction and unsustainable demand for land, food, water and energy. Growing numbers trap the poorest in poverty. To meet the Indian community must tackle population, ethically and effectively.“Population explosion will cause many problems for our future generations. We have to be concerned about population explosion. The center as well as state governments should launch schemes to tackle it.


Bharat Bachao Movement :

About Bharat Bachao ( Population Control Law ) Population control law, this movement is started by the patriots, journalists, priests, social workers of the country. In which Sudarshan is led by the editor of the news channel, Mr. Suresh Chavan. It also has people from many social and religious fields. The most burning problem of the country is population explosion. Nobody is speaking on this, because if you speak on it, there will be talk of imbalance. In which increasing population of Muslims will also be an issue.That is why most secular of the country kept themselves away from this problem. But on 15 November 2017, Suresh ji started this issue from the TV channel. Started this campaign in front of people by doing 45 episodes after 45 consecutive days. This campaign law will continue until a strict population control law is introduced in Parliament. This maha yatra is an unprecedented grand celebration of public awareness for the formulation of population control law all over India. The main purpose of this visit is to agree with the government to make laws for population control with various concerns of society and nation. After 12 years of austerity of the Bharat Bachao Maha Rath Yatra Sudarshan news channel of Suresh Chavanke, founder and guide of Rashtriya Nirman Trust, is dedicated to the mission of socio-cultural and national concern and unity of the country.

Activity :

On this 6th July Suresh Chavhanke will address the people of the society through Sudarshan New channel in which he will tell about the need of population control law! His address will run from July 6 to July 11!

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your gift donations. Our campaign was a huge success, in part due to your help. Thank you for your generosity and your quality products!

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