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SAVE THE HOLY COW !!!!STOP KILLING COWS!!!!! : An Initiative that Turned into a Revolution

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Cow is a holy mother in Deity Bramha’s creation. As per spiritual science, the four Purushārthas, namely, Dharma, Artha, Kāma, and Moksha can be acquired by serving the cow. While praising the cow, the principal Deities, namely, Bramha, Vishṇu and Shiva have narrated the following shloka:

त्वं माता सर्व देवानां त्वं च यज्ञस्य कारणम् । त्वं तीर्थ सर्वतीर्थानां नमस्तेस्तु सदानधे ।

Meaning: O Destroyer of sins! You are the mother of all Deities. You are the reason for yadnya (sacrificial fire). Among all Tirthas (Holy places), you are the holiest. I pay my obeisance to you.

About the Campaign :

Why Cows Must Be Protected ? Have you stopped a moment to wonder about all the benefits we derive from the cow and yet the miseries we subject it to by mercilessly slaughtering it; in a sense, this is murder. Do we forget how invaluable an asset the cow is for human beings, and how peaceful and serene is their countenance? Cows feed their calves and sustain us as well with their nutritious milk, and yet, does it not break your heart to hear that in excess of 50,000 calves and cows face slaughter every single day? Try practicing cow protection and you fill find peace and happiness in your life. The philosophical explanation is rational and uncomplicated; any living beings, be it cows or other animals, have the right to live their natural life and enjoy protection from slaughter and violence by humans. Remember, all of them have souls just as we humans do, and being his children, are dear to God. We learn from Vedic philosophy That we have seven mothers-The mother who delivers us (the birth mother), followed by the nurse who brings us into this world, the Brahman’s wife, the king’s wife, our spiritual master’s wife, the earth and the cow by virtue of its nourishing us with her nutritious milk. All mothers deserve a position of respect.

Activities :

This campaign is for the improvement life of cows & for the awareness purpose. Raised fund will be use for providing shelter, go fodder etc.

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